Stuck Inside New Jerrsey


"On this really interesting, fine new album, no one song gives you a hint of what musical style or topic you will find on the next, and yet together they form a coherent whole -- a musical journey that begins firmly planted in suburbia (but a suburbia described without the condescension most writers reflect), makes some unusual and occasionally very funny stops along the way, and then arrives at more universal thoughts of life and death."

John Weingart
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Princeton, NJ


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Coming Soon! A new holiday song: "(We want to wish you a) Meta Christmas," featuring Liz on vocals and shared performance on the Stylaphone, will be part of this year’s Hudson Harding Holiday Sampler, along with Christine Lavin and many other talented folks. Request it from your local folk radio show!

New Recording: Stuck Inside New Jersey

Stuck Inside New Jersey

"Stuck Inside New Jersey"

1. One Mile Out of Califon 3:54 lyrics
2. Little Piece of Me 2:51 lyrics
3. This Crazy World 3:40 lyrics
4. Two Reasons 3:02 lyrics
5. Stuck Inside New Jersey
3:03 lyrics
6. Leaving Jackson 2:57 lyrics
7. Belly 2:18 lyrics
8. Dutch Colonial Love 2:50
9. Boxing Day 4:00 lyrics
10. Wallet and Keys 3:23 lyrics
11. Salem County 8:16 lyrics
121. If I Had a Home 4:34 lyrics
13. The Purest Thing 3:52 lyrics
14. Draining My Pool 4:51lyrics

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Digital Single:

Boxing Day

"Boxing Day"


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1 Love Is as Big as a Horse 2:54 lyrics
2 Kings Highway 2:32 lyrics
3 Salesman 4:07 lyrics
4 The Burtons 3:47 lyrics
5 Mexican Rabbi 4:19 lyrics
6 The Other Side of That Rainbow 3:54 lyrics
7 The Dogs of Summer 2:54 lyrics
8 Mr. Bean 2:47 lyrics
9 Good Friday 2:51 lyrics
10 My Golden Age 3:33 lyrics
11 That's When You Die 3:18 lyrics
12 Here's to the Rocky Road 4:36 lyrics

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Bad Taste

1. He Only Wanted Her There 3:43
2. Love On The Line 4:15
3. Saturday With Dad 3:29
4. Bad Taste 3:41
5. American Weekend 4:23
6. TV 5:15
7. Last Two People On Earth 3:02
8. Men Do Things Like That 5:21
9. This Little Box 4:27
10. Cute Cute 4:27
11. It's Not So Bad 2:09
12. Exit 135 (The Ballad of Clark Westfield) 4:27

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Rhymes With Diner

1. The Women Don't Like Me 3:59
2. Cats At The Sushi Bar
3. Cut To The Chase
4. Just Don't Have Time For You
5. Young Girl
6. Jigsaw Puzzle
7. Company Car
8. Alone In The World
9. I'm On Your Walkman
10. Too Many Restaurants
11. Late
12. I'm Not Particular

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