The Burtons
words, lyrics, and music by David Kleiner

(chorus) Day after day I talk to the Burtons
They are my neighbors and I must be neighborly
They say what they say until my ears are hurtin'
But I can't remember a word that they say
I wish the Burtons would just move away

I was born to be mild, I was born to be kind.
I practice politeness, respectful and gentle
But they get me riled when they talk all the time
My neighbors the Burtons are driving me mental


I look out my window and the coast is clear so
I pick up my paper from off of the sidewalk
But out of thin air, Mr. Burton is there
And without my permission I'm list'nin' to him talk


Bridge: cloudy sky hot dry rainy on the chilly side
mets jets yankees nets kids dogs and other pets
politics religion movies television
weeds seeds bees trees ahh that was a nice breeze

They have a young daughter, her name is Melissa
Like the rest of her family, her mouth never quits
I'd like to haul off and give her one in the kissa
But a moving target is so hard to hit

(chorus) Day after day I talk to the Burtons
Or should I say that they talk to me
One of these days I will be desertin'
The Burton suburban incessant repressin'
of everything decent that I want to be..
in the land of the quiet and the home of the free...

234 everyday....(day after day after...) I talk to the Burtons (repeat)

Copyright 2000 David Kleiner


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