Good Friday
words, lyrics, and music by David Kleiner

It was a good Friday, everything was going right
When I came upon a young man who was an Israelite
He seemed a little distant and the dust was in his eye
Because I thought I saw this young man cry

He said I betrayed a good friend just like he said I would
And I don't think that this Friday is really very good
It was done as he foretold it, still I never thought I'd see
My friend hanging from a cross on Calvary

It was a good Friday, I was reeling from the wine
Drank four glasses at the Seder and it muddled up my mind
As we came around the corner, it was staggering to see
A hundred crosses on the hills of Calvary

There were beggars thieves and lechers, criminals of every kind
And for every man upon a cross, a vulture in the sky
And I saw among the bleeding crowd one bearded mild man
And I saw someone fall prostrate on the sand

He said rabbi I betrayed you, oh what have I done
For although I have forsaken you,
I'm still my father's son
But the man upon the cross was weak,
he had no strength to say,
It's good to see you on this good Friday

A crowd began to gather, I could hear the talk of men
They were saying that this man would die, but he would rise again
But it was nearing sundown, and so I could not stay
Soon my wife would light the candles on this good Friday

It was a good Friday, still I don't know why
Everybody who does something good,
surely has to die
But then who among us wasn't born to pass away
Still it haunts me on this good Friday.

Copyright 1999 David Kleiner


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